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eLevel LLC believes in the power of uniting people with information.  We are people-oriented, detail minded, enterprise thinking, PMP Certified, technically astute professionals who are results oriented and outcome focused.

Our expertise in Program and Project Management ranges from small projects to multiple, enterprise-wide, technically complex programs with diverse scope of program of objectives, organizational culture and processes.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

eLevel LLC is a WBENC certified Women Owned Business, and is proud to participate in Supplier Diversity, SBA and California SB/DVBE-OSDS programs.

eLevel LLC has performed project scoping and delivery, resource & staff management, negotiated with vendors, prepared project budgets, software development, ensured regulation compliance for validated systems and provided team leadership for issue resolution for small, medium and large scale projects for these industries:

  • Healthcare

  • Pharma / Biotech / Life Sciences

  • Government

  • Manufacturing

  • Entertainment

  • Public Agency

  • Financial

  • Technology

  • Service

We enjoy discovering resource and business opportunities for our clients, team building and coalescing enterprise wide success.

STAFF  eLevel LLC staff are:

  • People oriented

  • Detail minded

  • PMP Certified

  • Technically astute professionals

  • Most with post-graduate degrees

  • Active in professional organizations

Take a close look at the integrated services we have to offer.  From project management to systems development to people/systems integration, we can help you stretch resources and maximize services.



Disaster Recovery, Manufacturing Industry

Project Management, Service Industry

Project Management, Telepresence / Webcasting

Product Development, Government

Data Conversion, Wireless Provider

Data Warehouse, Healthcare Industry

Software Development, Unidata ERP

Vendor RFP, Test Scripts, Manufacturing Industry





Disaster Recovery, Manufacturing Industry

Faced with a disaster that erased all ERP files starting with letter "A", then nulled transaction logging & corrupted all  backups, this client engaged eLevel LLC  (then ESServices) to tackle recovery. eLevel LLC utilized functional and financial knowledge to work backwards through financial, inventory & order historical  systems to reconstruct, roll forward  and balance a  99% recovered ERP system. (top)


Project Management, Service Industry

eLevel LLC acted as the Technical Project Manager for the CRM portion of this well known nationwide office services and copier $21M SFA (Sales Force Automation) initiative. A n-tiered, multi-platform Clarify implementation was deployed to 1100 users nationwide. Full  integration to twelve cross departmental systems (financial , purchasing, data warehouse) and external systems (Dun & Bradstreet) were accomplished with Datastage ETL. Data from 1100 ACT! databases were converted and consolidated into one Oracle database with remote "Traveler" synchronizations.  eLevel LLC coordinated hardware acquisition, database services, lead team-oriented issue resolution, and saved this client over $250K negotiating software acquisitions. (top)


Program Management, Telepresence, Webcasting & Managed Services

eLevel LLC was engaged by this Fortune 100 biopharmaceutical firm to implement a multi-project global collaboration program. Polycomm Telepresence with immersive, conference and personal functionality was implemented (including building the conference rooms). A 300 seat auditorium was remodeled to upgrade the control booth to high definition television studio quality. Global webcasting hardware, software vendor RFP, evaluation, selection SOW, business integration and pilot of a worldwide Accordant / Akamai platform supporting 30,000 viewers. The project also included SOW negotiation, business process development and implementation of outsourced audio/visual managed services. (top)


Product Development, Government

eLevel LLC (then ESServices) is an EXCELLENCE AWARD winner for product management of this Public Safety software firm's E911 (emergency 911) CAD (computer aided dispatch) product.  Complete integration with Police & Fire Incident Reporting systems were featured. Geofile and Hazmat subsystems and state (JDIC) & federal agency interfaces were a key part of this full E911 dispatch product. A U2/Unidata solution developed in Fortran, PL1 and client-developed screen generator in UniBasic, this product was deployed in the U.S. and Canada on a variety of Unix platforms, and is credited in reducing crime in Woodland, CA and solving several cases in Albany, NY. (top)


Data Conversion, Wireless Communication Industry

eLevel LLC migrated the inventor and manufacturer of the leading wireless PDA, from a legacy Unix / U2 Unidata platform to SAP.  The complete ERP system, from Inventory to Customers, was extracted, transformed into a variety of string, SQL statements  and specified values. Data packages were transmitted in various manner, from ODBC to FTP to email and inserted or updated into a new SAP implementation. Reiterative process, parallel financial validations and revision control were emphasized. (top)


Software Development, Unidata / Universe ERP

eLevel LLC customized and implemented Epicor's Avante ERP and Infoflo MRP systems for several manufacturing clients, from the very small family owned to globally sized conglomerate. eLevel LLC  has directed ERP implementation, conversions and migrations, and has performed optimization redesigns, Purchasing, Financial, Datamart, Order and Inventory module re-engineering in Unidata / Universe platforms, coding in UniBasic, System Builder and PRC.  eLevel integrated Avante and Infoflo with Oracle, Sybase and mainframe topologies. eLevel has also integrated Unidata / Universe data with SAP. (top)


Vendor Requirements & Test Scripts

eLevel LLC performed business analysis and created the Vendor Request For Proposal for hinge and door manufacturer's new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. A third-party RFP generation package was incorporated into client-specific format, with detailed requirements in every functional area.  Product configuration, bill of materials, costing and client relationship capabilities were emphasized. eLevel LLC also created the demonstration sequences and acceptance test scripts for the vendor selection process. User interviews and complete understanding of as-is and to-be process helped the client select the right vendor with the best ERP solution. (top)


Data Warehouse, Healthcare Industry

Provided resource and project management for a 30 million patient data warehouse of a major health insurer. Topology included IBM mainframe and Unix environments, and utilized near-real time data warehouse capture with IBM's Event Publisher, ETL with Informatica, and Teradata landing zone, staging and targets. This technically complex solution captured, near-realtime, medical, membership, claim, pharmacy, drug & lab data across disparate operational platforms and applied transformational standards to deliver an enterprise standard dataset with near immediate management, aggregate and detail information delivered through Business Object universes, views, and end-user SQL queries. (top)






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