"Beyond loving the sound here, the melody is good and the musicianship / production is exceptional. Very creative with a definite adventurous vision involved" Taxi, May, 2003 

"Soulful rock to melodic funk, a percussion genius and natural 'funkstress' bass that dabbles in soothing bass lines - 'soul-rock'" Boris Federov, KSCU 103.3 FM, Santa Clara

Christine has been a bassist on the Southern California scene with the famous and the obscure. She toured with Martha Davis, (Singer/Songwriter of The Motels) for 3 years performing hits “Only The Lonely” and “Suddenly Last Summer” and appeared on MTV playing Martha’s new song “Miss Lonely Hearts”. Christine co-wrote 'Darlin' recorded by Charles Law and Jagged which spun nationwide on 135+ CMJ radio stations and reached #1 in Brooklyn, NY, #3 in Whittier, CA and #6 in Chicago, IL and New Hampshire. Christine’s  song “Imagine That”, with her hardcore band “Tantrum”, was in regular rotation on KSBX radio for 6 months. She collaborated with Jan Kuehnemund (guitarist of Vixen) and former Jesus Christ Superstar percussionist Theo Mordey.  Christine has also played with Aspen songwriters Suzanne Paris and David Holster.




Martha Davis of The Motels

Jimi Christi of Dwight Yoakam, Lucinda Williams

David Holster, songwriter for Nitti Gritti Dirt Band, John Denver

Charles Law, singer / songwriter

Mario Calire of The Wallflowers & Ozomotli

Kevin McCormick, bassist for Vonda Shephard

Theo Mordey of Jesus Christ Superstar

Cassandra Denver of John Denver

Jan Kuehnemund of Vixen

David Bianco, Grammy winner for Tom Petty

Jeff-Scott Evans of The Warm Guns

Julie Christensen of k.d.lang

Suzanne Paris of Dave Mason Band

Russell Kostner, Film Director & Producer


Charles Law and Jagged, "Corrupted Sophistication" (Bass, Production &  Songwriting)


Bassist - Christine, Produced by Christine

Charles Law - Vocals & Guitar

Jimi Christi - Drums

Bradley Buley - Percussion

David Bianco - Harmony Guitar, Mixing

Jeff-Scott  & Lauren Evans - Guitar, Cello,  Engineering

Julie Christensen - Backing Vocals

Ken Eros - Backing Vocals


"Songwriter/guitarist Charles Law teams with hardcore/funk bassist Christine Perior to produce an exceptionally sonic, lyrically rich CD to compliment their high-energy dance/party live performances, where Charles just goes off and beats the crap out of his acoustic guitar"


 Performances at San Francisco's Union Square,  Citrus Festival, Burning Man and Ventura Theatre opening for Neville Brothers are highlights for this hard-working band whose consistent gigging have garnered enthusiasm of fans, local DJs and press. Christine jammed with veteran musicians Steve DiStanislao (David Crosby, CPR), Jimi Christie (Lucinda Williams), Julie Christensen (k.d.lang), keyboardist Tilford Jackson & producer David Bianco.


Martha Davis "Obey" (Bass)

XStatic Records

Produced by Kevin McCormick

Bassist - Christine

Vocals  & Guitar - Martha Davis

Guitar & Backing Vocals - Eric LeMair

Drums - Mario Calire


Martha's stage performance, songwriting and soulful pop vocal style led The Motels to the forefront of the pop scene of the 1980's. After her solo project "Policy", Martha took  a haiatus until 1994, when she met Christine in a music store.  Produced by Kevin McCormick, Christine tracked with drummer Mario Calire (Wallflowers, Ozomotli), Eric LeMair (Ariel) and Martha.  Martha's recording studio was also her furniture refinishing workshop (lots of sofas), she kept her "Motel's" masters stacked in her workshop bathroom.


David Holster "Cultural Graffiti" (Bass)

Goldlili Music  http://www.sevensouth.com/recordshop/HolsterD/01.php

Mixed & Mastered by Emmet Sargeant III, Beagle Studios, Santa Barbara, CA

Bassist on "Did I Wake You"- Christine

Vocals &  Guitars - David Holster

Backing Vocals - Suzanne Paris & Leslie Merical


David James Holster has written songs recorded by: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, John Denver, Waylon Jennings, Three Dog Night, and other big acts and projects including albums for RCA and Columbia as a group called "Starwood," and as a solo artist.  He has toured nationally, opening for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Jackson Browne, John Denver, Santana, Michael Murphy, John McKuen, etc. including television appearances on The Merv Griffin Show and John Denver Specials.  Christine tracked "Did I Wake You", and also played bass at David's shows, where she met and performed with Jimi Christi - who was also playing for Dwight Yoakam at that time.


Suzanne Paris "Pink Lipstick" (Bass)

Jeffrey 'Skunk' Baxter's private studio at The Village Recorder, L.A., Ca.

Mixed & Mastered by Emmet Sargeant III, Beagle Studios, Santa Barbara, CA

Produced by Jim Scheid & Randall Richman

Bassist  - Christine

Vocals & Guitar - Suzanne Paris

Lead Guitar - Jeff "Skunk" Baxter


"Pink Lipstick is a folk-rock classic to be", LA Times


Suzanne is a California transplant from Aspen, Colorado. Suzanne was singing backup for Dave Mason, and when he moved to Ventura County, she also relocated.  Christine and Suzanne toured constantly for 2+ years and together have jammed with Wendy MaHarry, Jonathan Raffeto and Jonathan McEuen.


Tantrum "Just F**king Snapped" (Bass & Songwriting)

Blue House Records

Produced by Aaron "Stipko" Stipkovich

Bassist - Christine

Vocals - Mike Lauderdale

Guitars - Chris Reed

Drums - Jeff Sorensen


The boys from Tantrum called Christine at midnight requesting her services for a gig the next day. Of course, Christine jammed the gig, and from there the feisty Tantrum toured their Korn-like hardcore song-rap all over Southern California.  KBSX disc jockey  Aaron Parker adopted Tantrum as his favorite band, and their song "Imagine That" was on regular commercial rotation for over 6 months. The band rehearsed, toured, raged and exploded in 1997. In 2003, Christine sat down for a radio interview at 95.9 Rock Revolution, where DJs "Darrell Wayne" &  "Funk" proudly displayed a Tantrum CD that Christine had signed years before. 


Life Outta Control  "Time To Live" (Bass, Production & Songwriting)

LOC Records

Produced by Christine

Bassist - Christine

Vocals - Bryce Beal

Drums - Mike Dunmire

Guitars - Gannon Perior

Rythym Guitar - Eric Rogers


LOC was Christine's first band.  Christine had just learned to play bass (she was inspired by Aimee Mann of Til Tuesday and Melissa Auf Der Mair of Hole).  Christine played over 200 gigs her first year with Life Outta Control.




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Martha troubadour review sm.JPG (82397 bytes) Martha Vta Concert Guide Article page 2.JPG (369461 bytes)


April 26, 2003: Feature in LA Times Ventura Star with Charles Law and Jagged

Nov 26, 2002: Profile in The Reporter with Charles Law and Jagged

Bass Player Magazine, Jul/Aug 95

Bass Player Magazine, Sept/Oct 95

Bass Frontiers Magazine Aug 95


Radio & TV

Charles Law and Jagged

LP "Corrupted Sophistication"

12/01/03 Channel 6 begins TV broadcast of music video "Corin"

Oct  18: MTV background music for program on dancers

9/4/03 Hollywood Intl Student Film Fest - "Corin" premiere & director's panel

8/30/03 Burning Man, K-Svert 106.5 FM Radio Free Burning Man

Aug 2: After Fair party w/ B95.1 DJ Fonseca

May 6: On-air Interview WPMD, Cerritos,CA

May 4: Pilot artist for Rock Revolution radio syndication

Spring 03: #1 on WKNH, New Hampshire, #1 in Brooklyn, NY

Spring 03: Top 30 on 22 college radio stations

Spring 03: Spinning on 125+ college & NPR radio stations

3/8/03 95.9 Octopus "Corin" on air performance & interview

March 7: Live on-air performance 95.9 The Octopus

March: Added to 96.9 The Octopus Rock Revolution playlist

2/1/03 95.9 Octopus 10pm "Rock Revolution" in-studio interview

12/7/02 95.9 Octopus 10pm "Darlin'" on air performance

Feb 27: "Darlin" on  CMJ Network "Certain Damage" compilation sent to stores/radio nationally

Feb 1: Interview on 95.9 The Octopus


Dec 7, 2002: Live on-air performance on 95.9 Octopus

2003 March  25 - May 6 Regular rotation  nationwide College radio, click for charts HIGHLIGHTS:

4/18/03 We're #1 at WKNH !! &  the list grows!

4/7/03 The airplay list grows! KXZY #5, WBCR #6, WLRC #9 (Loud Rock!), WWHR #5 (Glide!); 2 songs spinning on KSUN #14 & #18, 2 songs spinning on KMUD, #28 & #29

3/29/03 Top 30 at several stations, #3 at KWTR, #28 at KALA, #30 at WAWL, #30 at KSUN, heavy rotation at WKKL, 2 songs spinning on CHYZ


Suzanne Paris

Live In-Studio Appearance

KSPN, Aspen, CO

Singles "Imagine That" and "Choke"

Aug 1997 - March 1998 Regular rotation on commercial radio 95.9 "The Bus" KSBX
Martha Davis MTV- performed the single "Miss Lonely Hearts" MTV Special on the life of Martha Davis



With Charles Law and Jagged, 2002-2004

Christine played over 100 gigs with Charles Law and Jagged

Union Square, San Francisco

Embarkadero Center, San Francisco

Citrus Festival

Ventura Theatre/Neville Brothers

Ventura Theatre/Psychadelic Furs

Ventura Car Show

SXSW Festival, Austin, Texas

Zoey's Cafe

Deer Lodge

Sans Souci

Taix in Los Angeles

The Gig in Hollywood



California Street Art Gallery

With Suzanne Paris 2000-2002 "Pink Lipstick" Tour

Christine played over 40 gigs with Suzanne Paris

Aspen, Colorado

Los Angeles

Ojai, CA

Ventura, CA

With David Holster "Cultural Graffiti" Tour 2000

Los Angeles

Ventura, CA

Ojai, CA

double platinum album for writing "Cowboy's Delight" on John Denver's Windsong albumwritten several songs for the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band as well as songs for John Denver, Three Dog Night, Dave Mason, Jonathan Mcuen and many more for artists of varying style and stature.

With Cassandra Denver 2001

Malibu, California

With Jan Kuehnemund's  "Drawing Down The Moon" 1999


Coconut Teazser, Hollywood

Jan is most recognized for the extensive credits accumulated as the founding member/ guitar babe of Vixen, the all-female international rock sensation of the late eighties and nineties. Within Drawing Down The Moon, she is most recognized for her innovative songwriting, strong backing vocals and artful guitar styling.


With Tantrum 1997, 1998

Christine played over 20 gigs with Tantrum


Los Angeles

With Martha Davis 1994 and 1995

Christine played for 2 years with Martha Davis

West Coast

Touring with Martha, Christine performed old hits like "Only The Lonely", "Take The L" and "So L.A.", as well as new hits "Spain" and "Mother's Blood".  The band also appeared on MTV, playing Martha's song "Miss Lonely Hearts".


With Life Outta Control 1992, 1993

Christine played over 200 gigs with LOC

The Roxy - Los Angeles

Ventura Clubs



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"Good For Me" w/Suzanne Paris, Bass

"Let Me In" w/Charles Law and Jagged, Bass & Producing credits

"Mr. Gray" w/Martha Davis, Bass

"Sharing & Giving" w/Charles Law and Jagged, Bass & Producing credits

"Did I Wake You" w/Suzanne Paris, Bass

"Imagine That" w/Tantrum, Bass & Songwriting creditts

"Love Me If You Wanna" w/Charles Law and Jagged, Bass, Producing & Songwriting Credits

"Miss Lonely Hearts" w/Martha Davis, Bass

"Choke" w/Tantrum on KBUS

"O.X.N.A.R.D." w/Tantrum, Bass & Songwriting Credits