Martha Davis of The Motels

Jimi Christi of Dwight Yoakam, Lucinda Williams

David Holster, songwriter for Nitti Gritti Dirt Band, John Denver

Charles Law, singer / songwriter

Mario Calire of The Wallflowers & Ozomotli

Kevin McCormick, bassist for Vonda Shephard

Theo Mordey of Jesus Christ Superstar

Cassandra Denver of John Denver

Jan Kuehnemund of Vixen

David Bianco, Grammy winner for Tom Petty

Jeff-Scott Evans of The Warm Guns

Julie Christensen of k.d.lang

Suzanne Paris of Dave Mason Band, Michael Bolton

Russell Kostner, Film Director & Producer


Charles Law and Jagged, "Corrupted Sophistication"


Martha Davis "Obey"

XStatic Records, Produced by Kevin McCormick

David Holster "American Grafitti"

Suzanne Paris "Pink Lipstick"

Produced by Emmitt Sargeant III

Tantrum "Just F**king Snapped"

Blue House Records, Produced by Aaron "Stipko" Stipkovich

Life Outta Control  "Time To Live"


Charles Law and Jagged, 2002-2004

Suzanne Paris 2000-2002

David Holster  2000

Cassandra Denver 2001

Jan Kuehnemund's  "Drawing Down The Moon" 1999

Tantrum 1997, 1998,

Martha Davis 1994 and 1995

Life Outta Control 1992, 1993


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